Distance Learning


Interactive, inquiry-based distance learning programs allow you and your students to experience history through careful examination of the photographs, films and artifacts in the Museum's collection.

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What is Distance Learning?

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza offers live, two-way audio and video presentations that bring the Museum to your classroom.  A selection of engaging programs provide opportunities for students to meet the Museum's curatorial, collections and education staff, prompting thoughtful discussions on U.S. history, world history, the Civil Rights Movement, oral history and the role of the historian.  All distance learning programs are TEKS and TAKS aligned, and meet national history standards.

Distance Learning Programs

Distance learning programs last 45 minutes, and can be customized for your class.

Living History: Connect your students with "living history", as they interact with the eyewitnesses, law enforcement officials, journalists, physicians and others with direct memories of the Kennedy assassination.  Students become oral historians as they ask questions of these special guests.  Every Living History presentation includes historic photographs, films or artifacts that make the events come alive for your students.

John F. Kennedy and the Dallas Civil Rights Movement:  Discover how President Kennedy's legacy continued to have an effect on the Dallas Civil Rights Movement long after 1963.  Through speeches, photographs, oral history testimony and documents in the Museum's collection, the Dallas story is connected to the national struggle for equality, and students draw conclusions about how the movement plays a role in their lives today.

Conflicting Evidence? The First 24 Hours after the Kennedy Assassination:  Examine evidence found by investigators within the first 24 hours of the Kennedy assassination in this primary source-based program.  Students will evaluate the accuracy of reports and eyewitness accounts, and will use photographic analysis to evaluate what happened on November 22, 1963.  This program transforms students into history detectives as they evaluate the films, photos, oral histories and other evidence related to the investigation of President Kennedy's assassination.

Meet the Museum: Question and Answer Session:  Here is your chance to introduce your students to the world of the Museum!  Meet the staff that makes The Sixth Floor Museum tick: curators and educators, the librarian or the collections staff can come into your classroom to share details about their jobs, training and what life is like behind the scenes at The Sixth Floor Museum.

The Art of History:  Using the paintings of folk artist and memory painter Bernadine Stetzel, participants will explore what happens when we use memory to tell a story, paint a picture or record history by comparing and contrasting historic photographs, paintings and written accounts in this interactive, minds on program!

Professional Development

Use videoconferencing to bring The Sixth Floor Museum staff onto your campus for a one-of-a-kind professional development opportunity.  Contact the Museum's education department to discuss how our collection of photographs, films, artifacts and documents can enhance your history, social studies, government and language arts teaching: education@jfk.org.

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For questions about pricing or to learn about the programs, call us at 214-747-6660, ext. 5572, or email education@jfk.org.

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